It is a dark age for the world. The earth is destroyed because of its cruel and evil ruler Kronos. He’s the image of death and doom itself! The townsmen are scared to death and most of them are in slavery. Everywhere reins chaos and Kronos fellows enslave the citizens to build his icon. Kronos erased the daylight so only the night can rule. The only thing that’s giving light is the burning fire from the core of the earth. Lava drips out from holes where the earth surface is ripped open. Every plant on earth is destroyed; only ash is left. The earth is just withered. As the reign of Kronos lasts he

got bored and so he started to eat his own children and that was the time where three young brave brothers decided to end his reign. Zeus, Hades and Poseidon – brothers who had a strong bond since their birth – waged war with their father Kronos. The three of them where the strongest of Kronos’s children. It was a long-Iasting and destructive war but with their bonded powers they defeated Kronos and ended his tyranny. With their last powers they exiled Kronos into the Tartaros, the deepest hole on earth, where he can’t harm anyone anymore. The war has left it’s remains on the

once beautiful earth. Well, there wasn’t much left to be destroyed while Kronos reigned .After the war the brothers are left to clean up Kronos’s chaos. They freed the enslaved townsmen, banned Kronos fellows back into the Tartaros from where they came and put the earth back together with their abilities.

My brothers and I are day and night at earth, trying to rebuild the earth. We are almost done and the last city we have to rebuild is Athena, our hometown and beloved city which is unrecognizable. The mountains which surround Athena are broken and so many houses are destroyed. Many townsmen are left homeless and most of them lost their beloved ones during war. Some of them are still looking

for survivors in the wreckage of the buildings. The water level of the ocean next to Athena rose during war as well and swallowed half of the city. So many people have lost their lives. All the beautiful buildings and temples with their ornate pillars are unrecognizable. It hurts to see Athena like this. This once so beautiful city destroyed by Kronos. He didn’t have mercy with the city because he knew how much we love it.

A few feet away I see Hades, who is helping some harmed people which got stuck under the debris of the buildings, Hades’ features are tensed; he can feet the pain of the people that’s his ability. His sincere brown eyes are sad. Sometimes I feel sad for him because I guess it’s a hard burden to feel each and ever emotion from people. But he also has the ability to change people’s feelings, like he’s doing right now. He’s taking their pain away. Closing his eyes he touches a little girl with his hand; his dark hair covers his face but I can see how tensed his body is. My other brother, Poseidon, is next to the ocean; trying to push the water, which flooded half of Athena, back into the ocean. I always thought his ability to control water is fascinating. With the remains of the water he tries to put the buildings back together. Water with debris stuck inside flies through the air back to the place where it once belonged. Obeying, the water does what Poseidon is commanding. Poseidon leads the water with his hands and I can see how much effort it is for him. The muscles in his arms are tensed and his deep blue eyes are focused. It looks so easily from far away but I know exactly it’s exhausting. Though Poseidon is tall and muscular, the exact opposite of Hades, I clearly see how drained he is; well I guess we all are. We are doing this for too long now. But I have to say we split the work very good between us. Because of his ability with people and emotions it’s best if he helps the citizens

and Poseidon can put the buildings with his ability back in place and no one of them can control the earth like me.

I am next to a crack in the earth surface. During the war the earth cracked open because of all our combined powers and because Kronos opened the Tartaros so his sneaky little demons can help him defeat us. So, now I am in front of the entrance to the Tartaros. The hole is deep and pitch black but at the bottom there’s a small dim light; fire from the core of the earth. I don’t know how deep it goes down but I don’t really want to know though. Concentrating on my powers I feel them surging through my veins. The earth beneath me starts to erupt and a loud growl escapes the sky. In the distance a few people are looking scared into the sky expecting something bad to happen. I can feel the power erupting my hands and my muscles tighten. My green eyes are focused on the crack in front of me while my mind is working. The weight of the earth – how it’s put together -lasts heavily on my strong body. Sweat drips down my blonde curls as the tectonic plates drift back together. The earth beneath me is shaking vehemently and the earth grumbles again as the plates melt back together to one piece. It’s always amazing to think about the fact what I can do with my hands and mind.

The earth and especially Athena are slowly getting back to their glory. Our mission to rebuild the earth is done and we are left exhausted but we are happy. Everything is back to normal and the townsmen can live their lives in peace.

A few months have passed since the war ended and the townsmen are getting back to their everyday lives and their fears wane from day to day. But since we’ve rebuilt the earth we thought everything was going back into place but we were totally wrong. The first few months since war have been amazing. Everything was peaceful and the townsmen showed their gratitude towards us for helping them in rebuilding the city; they looked upon us, worshipped us and to be honest my brothers and  I loved it; well Poseidon and I loved it. I think Hades doesn’t care much. But the more time had passed the more trouble appeared, again. It was like everything fell out of place.

The ocean has gone wild and more and more tsunamis happened which devoured whole cities and that’s exactly how we have lost the beautiful city Atlantis. Poseidon tried to rescue the city but unfortunately it was too late. Honestly I am not surprised everything is falling out of place. I mean neither the ocean nor the sky or the underworld have someone to rule it. So, they’re going wild.

One day, as one catastrophe happened after another Hades insists on a meeting and we know exactly what this is about. We are all scared of this and it has always been  a topic we argued about. The ruth is we have to split up the world between us. Someone has to rule the sky the other has to rule he ocean and someone has to rule the underworld. We have never came onto the same point of view and argued for hours about it.

Hades is waiting for us inside the temple the townsmen made for us. He’s pacing back and forth, his hands folded behind his back. His dark hair hangs loose in his face, covering his eyes. He’s surrounded by lots of pillars and inside the building is a statue of mine. Hades comes to a halt in front of my icon as he hears us approaching.

“Thanks for coming, brothers!” Hades says as we come to a halt in front of him. He looks tensed but I guess we are all tensed. It’s a hard and life changing decision. Also, we have procrastinated this conversation because we all felt we’re not ready to rule the world, yet.

“Of course! We know it’s necessary!” I answer and Poseidon nods to agree.

“So, I guess we should come to a conclusion today because I don’t think the earth nor the townsmen can’t bear this imbalance anymore.” Hades continues and both Poseidon and I nod in unison.

“That’s right! And I think the best conclusion is if I rule the sky, Poseidon becomes the ruler of the water and you go to the underworld.” I explain factually but Hades disagrees immediately. He shakes his head vehemently so his hair flies around his slim face.

“Why do I have to go into the underworld? You or Poseidon can go as well down there!” Hades defences and I can understand his restraint.

“Because we don’t have your ability.” Poseidon counters but Hades still isn’t convinced.

“No, I should use my powers on earth to help people not down there. I can’t help dead people!” Hades argues and our discussion goes on.

We have discussed this topic for hours again and argued about it loudly. Poseidon and I are trying very hard to convince Hades to go to the underworld but he wouldn’t listen. After a felt eternity Hades had enough and he stormed angrily away through the open doorway of the temple. He left Poseidon and me behind. We look at each other as Hades storms down the stairs into the darkness. As we can’t see him anymore we start to mumble.

“You know exactly we have to do something!” I say to Poseidon and he nods.

“I know! But what should we do if Hades is so unwilling.” Poseidon answers and crosses his hands in front of his firm chest. Even though he looks relaxed I see how tensed his whole body and muscles are.

“He’s just too stubborn to accept his fate.” I state.

“Don’t you think I don’t know that? But I can totally understand Hades’ restraints because I wouldn’t want to rule the underworld too and I know exactly you don’t want it either.”

“You’re right! But Hades has to deal with his fate; or should I say with his doom. But the earth can’t hold any more of this imbalance or it’s going to go down.” I defend and Poseidon is silent for a moment, knowing exactly that I am right.

“So, what do you have in mind to convince him?” Poseidon asks and I hesitate. I am not a big fan of what I am about to say but it has to be done.

“We have to turn against him; we have to destroy him, turn him into a bad person so he wants to go down there on his own. We have to go and make him hate us!” I say and Poseidon looks at me shocked and in disbelieve.

“Are you insane? That’s cruel. You would do this to your own brother? You know he has always been the kindest and the most sensitive of us and you just want to change his entire being.” Poseidon exclaims shocked and I just stare at him unaffected and nod; crossing my arms in front of my chest to show him I am serious.

In despair Poseidon throws his arms up into t he air. “You can’t be serious. I know we have to do something but I am not helping you to destroy our brother!” Poseidon yells and opens his mouth to say something but then he closes it again and storms off into the darkness; just like Hades did before.

‘Fine, then I am doing this on my own!’ I say to myself as I watch him disappear in the distance. I take a glance back at my icon and admire the work for a second. I feel slightly guilty for what I am going to do but looking at my icon I know it’s the right thing to do.

Days have passed and I work on my mission to destroy Hades. I slowly began treating him badly over the past few days and he noticed but didn’t ask what’s going on. But I know I have to do more, I have to cause him more pain. I have to turn everyone against him; put him into bad light. That is going to be tough because the townsmen love him. He’s like a saint for them. So I start to spread rumours

about him in Athena. I tell the people in Athena he’s faking his kindness; say he’s only nice to them so they trust him but secretly he just wants them to obey. And my plan is working. My rumours set in and the townsmen start to turn against him and I can see how much it hurts him. They start to see the bad, evil side of him which doesn’t even exist. I rip everything away that matters to him. The townsmen are already against him and it’s affecting him in a bad way – but for the world’s sake in a

good way. I always knew he had a dark side as well and maybe the darkest of all of us. I can see how much in pain he is and somehow it amuses me. Poseidon doesn’t even talk to me at the moment because he thinks I got insane for doing this to Hades but I don’t care. All I care about is getting the world back into place and honestly l like the power I have over the townsmen. l like it to destroy Hades and show the world that I am the good guy. That I am the god they deserve to have. It satisfies me in a way I could have never imagined. I want the townsmen to worship me; no I want to

be their god,  I want to rule them.

Hades is on a good way to turn evil but there’s one last thing I have to do. He has a woman in town he loves and I have to steal her. l observe Hades which times he’s visiting her at. I know I can’t do this on my own; I need help from someone because her love to him is strong and she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. So I go to Hecate and ask her for help. She says as well that I am insane but she helps me because she knows what the world is facing. So she pours me a love potion I could use on Hades little girlfriend.

The next day I go to Ariadne, Hades’ beloved one. She is a little bit confused to see me there but still she lets me inside.

“Zeus, what are you doing here? Is everything alright with Hades?” She asks worried. “It’s a tough time for him at the moment.”

“I know but he’s fine. I just wanted to come to you to talk about him. Do you know what’s going on with him lately?” I ask her. She sighs loudly and points me to sit down while she gets us two cups with water. She glances outside the window deep in thought and that’s my cue. I fetch the love potion from my pocket and pour it hastily into her cup. A second later she glances back into my green eyes and fortunately I can hide the potion fast enough so she can’t see it.

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with him. Everyone in town has turned against him and I don’t know why. He’s such  a genuine and kind person. But he seems different these days. He’s moody and in pain.” She fidgets with her cup and takes a sip. The next thing she’s going to say obviously scares her.

“Sometimes I am even afraid of the man he has become lately. I don’t recognize him anymore. He’s not the man I fell in love with. Lately he’s so dark but I know I can’t leave him because it would destroy him. But honestly I can understand why he got so dark. I think I would become the same if someone would take away from me everything l ever cared about.” She tells me and empties her cup.

Coughing she looks at me and then she looks confused. The potion is working. She shakes her head and stares at me amorous. I take a quick glance outside to check the position oft he sun to estimate the time. Its afternoon and this means Hades is on his way so I have to go for it now. I straighten myself and walk over to Ariadne; I take her hand and lead her to her bed. I strip down her close and she doesn’t reject me, so I guess the love potion is really working. She does the same with my clothes

a moment later and lay her down on the bed. I crawl on top of her and we are both entangled and naked in her bed. She moans in my ear, obviously enjoying it as suddenly the door opens and Hades enters her small house.

“What the hell is going on?” Hades exclaims loudly and I turn to look at him. As he recognizes me his expression turns from anger to shock. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. I look straight in his face and see the pain which turns slowly into hatred. There you go, that’s exactly what I need.

“How dare you? You’re my brother! How could you do something like this?” Hades exclaims pained and angry. I take a quick glance at Ariadne and I can see her mind is getting clear. The effect of the love potion subsides and she realizes what she had done. Guilt washes over her pretty face and immediately she shoves me away.

“Hades, I am so sorry. I don’t…I don’t know why I did that. Please! It meant nothing for me.” Ariadne pleads with him but he has shut down he ignores her and just stares at me.

“You no longer exist for me. If you want to ban me into the underworld so you can screw around with her you first have to defeat me. I am not going down without a fight. You want war, you can have it!” Hades yells dead serious and storms outside; leaving me alone with an angry and hurt woman.

“Leave!” She demands but I hesitate a moment. “LEAVE!” Now she yells and shoves me out the door and I obey. Putting my clothes on as fast as I can I manage to leave her small house.

Days have passed and Hades kept his promise. He is busy with preparing himself for the war he declared while I am waiting eagerly on his first move. Somehow I have to say I am very excited about the war. So, that’s finally my way to find out who’s the strongest of us, I have always believed I am the strongest of us but I have never said that in front of them. So, Hades starts to create a chaos back on earth. Obviously he has found some fellows because he’s not alone while he causes disaster.

He convinced some ugly creatures like Medusa, Chimera, Harpies, Hydra, cyclops and the Minotaur to help him. Well, well, it looks like you are evil after all. First you said you loved the people of the city and now you endanger them just to prove a point to me. But I have to give him some credit. His first move was very clever. So, his creatures scare the people to death or even kill them. They really are devastating the earth. Not again, we just rebuilt everything and one day, as I have had enough of his chaos on earth I formed an alliance too. My alliance consists of our other siblings Hera, Demeter, Hestia and even Hecate. Together we try to stop the creatures of Hades and ban them to where they belong. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Hades creatures are really unwavering. Though, Poseidon still hasn’t have the courage to join my alliance. My alliance fights hard against Hades army but

one day I notice that his army was just a distraction because the next thing is that the heat of the sun is increasing. The temperature increases every hour and it’s getting hotter and hotter. Seems like Hades’ creatures have no problem with the heat but my warriors are affected badly of the high temperature. It’s getting harder to fight against them. Eventually we have to withdraw and hold a meeting. I gather all my fellows together in the Olympus; our beautiful, godly retreat. We are seated in our conference room which holds seats for at all 12 Olympian gods. The room is big with majestically pillars and chandelier hanging from above us. Our thrones are positioned in a semicircle and in the middle is a big roundtable. The walls are decorated with a lot of murals of our ancestors and in every corner is a big pillar which supports the ceiling of the Olympus which is also painted.

So, all of my Olympian gods are gathered there to discuss our next move. Hades is really going hard on the earth. In the room is an indistinct chatter; everyone’s talking at once.

“Quiet!” I state and rise from my throne to get their attention and a little bit to show my power. Instantly there’s a silence in the room and everyone is looking at me. Lowering my weight back on the throne I continue. “It’s of no use if everyone talks at once. So, now please talk one at a time so I can understand what you’re talking about!”

Hestia, my sister, is the first one to talk. “We have to ban Hades’ creatures because we’re not able to fight against them in the heat. But otherwise how can we ban them if we can’t get close to them?”

I tilt my head in her way. “That’s a good point. Somehow we have to find a way to get close to them so I can send them back into the Tartaros.”

I just want to continue my speech as the doors in my field of vision swing open and a furious Poseidon storms into the room.

“This sick bastard!” He yells and comes to a halt at the front of our roundtable. I fold my hands under my chin and wait for him to explain his fury.

“I’m done with sitting aside and watching you two fight together and not getting involved. Now, he’s gone way too far.” Poseidon paces tensed in front of the roundtable and I get a little bit nervous.

“What has he done now?” I ask him and he stops while staring at me.

“Well, because of his move to heat up the sun the ocean started to disappear. It is way too hot for the water so it just vaporized. He took most of my ability so I can’t stand to watch him anymore. He has to disappear!” Poseidon yells and I am a bit shocked about his outburst. Well it’s unpleasant to hear the ocean is gone and this could have a bad effect on the environment. But to be honest I am happy to have Poseidon at my side. With him we maybe have a chance against Hades. I tell Poseidon what has happened so far. Poseidon is a little bit shocked about Hades’ actions. But he has an idea how we can stop him. So, together we make a plan to ban Hades into the Tartaros.

The destruction on earth is bearable, it’s not as much damage as it has been after the last war but still the earth has to suffer, again. Mostly the people are hurt his time; some of them are petrified because of Medusa and some are missing. The buildings are also destroyed again. Hades’ creatures destroyed the homes of the townsmen and of course he demanded them to destroy my icon. Because of the heat there are a lot of fires on earth. So, that day we march from our safe hideout, the Olympus, back on earth. As we descend on earth Hades’ creatures are already awaiting us. But this time we have a joker they’re not going to expect.

Poseidon is the first to descend on earth so he can shield us with the left water from the sun. We’re walking on the sand towards Hades creatures and a big wall of water follows us. Hades creatures hadn’t expected this because they look very surprised. So with our combined forces we use our abilities to defeat Hades’ creatures. I’m using my thunder and lightning to defeat the ugly creatures and Poseidon drowns most of them. One after another gets defeated and Hades’ army shrinks. While

most of us are defeating Hades creatures some of us try to fix the sun so it’s going back to its normal temperature. I also crack the earth surface so we can ban the creatures back into the Tartaros where they belong. After another hour all of Hades fellows are back in the Tartaros and my fellow have fixed the sun so we don’t need Poseidon’s wall anymore. We are standing in the centre of the warzone gazing into the distance waiting for Hades to arrive.

After another second he descends in front of us.

“Well, well, looks like my brothers bonded against me and I really have to congratulate the two of you for defeating my army. I could have never imagined to get betrayed from my own family …” Hades points at all our siblings. “like this!”

I glance at my siblings and I can see a slight guilt in their eyes. They shouldn’t feel guilty because I started all of this.

“Leave them out of this! They just helped me to stop your army from destroying the earth again. I am the one who started all of this.” I say to him with determination.

“Well, well, you always want to be the hero, little brother, don’t you?” Hades scoffs. “If you want to be their hero we’re going to end this right here right now.”

Hades focuses on Hestia and she cringes in pain. He’s hurting her just to get back at me.

“Stop it! She’s not the one you want to punish. I am the one who did all of this. I spread the rumours about you. I took everything from you that mattered to you so you would go into the underworld all by yourself.” I say and Hades immediately turns his attention towards me. Hateful eyes stare into my eyes. “Let them go and we just fight together alone!” I demand and he considers my suggestion for a second.

“Okay, fine! I’ll tell you what. If you defeat me I am going voluntarily into the Tartaros but if you lose you have to go down there! Deal?” He asks me with an evil smirk.

“I agree!” I say and look at my siblings pointing them to leave.

They all hesitate for a moment but then they leave us alone. Poseidon wants to stay but I gesture him to go. He nods slightly and disappears like the others.

So, now it’s only me and Hades. He scrutinizes me, waiting on my first move. But then he starts to attack me. Hades holds up his hand and points it at my scull and immediately I can feel pain there. Though I try to gather my powers together and let a thunderstorm appear above us. Trying to take his sight with my storm and hail, I let the earth beneath him shake. Hades loses his balance but his grip over my pain doesn’t lessen. It gets even tighter and it gets hard for me to control the storm.

The pain inside my chest is unbearable.

“So, now you can feel my pain! That’s the pain you caused me, brother! Doesn’t feel very well, huh?” Hades snarls. I can barely breathe and I feel slightly guilty for what I did to him but I push this thought aside. The grip around my chest gets even tighter and it feels like he’s going to crash my heart. But I try to move my hands and instantly the earth beneath him shakes again. Hades stumbles and his grip loosens for a second and that’s my call, I force lightning from my thunderstorm to stuck Hades and it works. A blue lightning descends from the sky and lights the darkness for a second in blue electricity as it hits Hades. Hades shakes because of the impact and falls onto the ground. The lightning hit him hard because he’s breathing heavily. Just to be sure I hit him with another lightning so he’s really immobilized. He’s still conscious but he’s in a lot of pain because of the electricity. I’m stepping next to Hades limp body.

“I didn’t want this to go like this but I had to do it. You had to accept your faith. You’re meant to rule the underworld if you believe it or not. I just did what had to be done!” I say to him while I open the entrance to the underworld. Hades looks at me betrayed and sad and I have to glance away. I heave his body up with my storm and throw him into the big black hole in the bottom. Someone is approaching from behind me and I glance backwards. Poseidon is next to me and he looks guilty.

“It took the right decision!” I try to soothe him while I close the entrance of the underworld again. Poseidon doesn’t say anything, he just nods. I know he feels bad about it but we can’t change it now and to be honest I wouldn’t change it anyways. Faith is a funny thing sometimes; but we have to stick to it if we like it or not. I wouldn’t dare to play against the rules of the nature.

I clasp Poseidon on his shoulder and we walk together towards the destroyed Athena. Once again we have to rebuild the city. Hopefully for the last time.

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