It is late in the night and my work keeps me awake. Sitting at my desk of my bureau I go through my case over and over again. The only source of light in the room comes from a candle. Dean Village lately suffers because of a murder series.

“I am missing significant evidence! But what don’t I see?” I am talking to myself. For hours I have been dwelling on these questions but I still have no answer. Going through all the paper work about the crime scene and evidence we could gather but

there is definitely a missing piece.

“This does not make any sense!” I sigh frustrated and pace around my bureau. I stop at my window and watch outside to the pavement. Townsmen are walking by and

I glance at the dark shadows between the street lamps.

“Where are you hiding yourself?” I am deep in thought as I hear a slight knock on my door.

“Detective Lockhart? May I come in?” The voice of my assistant seeps through the thick wooden door. I walk over to the door and open it.

“Good evening, Sir!” Rohan answers and bows his head slightly.

“Good evening Mr. Armstrong. How may I help you?” I reply politely and Rohan fidgets with his hands. My gaze lands on his hands and I can see a document in his hands. He’s nervous as always when something bad has happened.

“Ehm, I am so sorry to disturb you at this hour but uhm …there’s um ….. ” He stutters and breaks eye contact with me. “A policeman came and they have found another corpse in the cemetery!”

Rohan hands me the document in his hands. I feared he would say this. Turning on my heels I pick up my coat and follow him outside. On our way to the cemetery it’s silent on the street – too silent it’s almost eerily. Only a few townsmen pass on our way and they look feared.  I feel that certain feeling of fear too but as a detective I cannot let my emotions take control over me. Wouldn’t I be a bad detective and role model if I would show my fear? A slight panic broke out a few weeks ago as more

and more corpses appeared and the townsmen start to get scared.

After a few more steps we arrive at the cemetery. The policeman who found the corpse is here as well as a few other members of Scotland Yard. Chief Fergusson is here as well.

“Chief!” I nod as I walk over to him.

“Detective Lockhart!” He greets me as well and next to him I can see a young, devastated woman. Her eyes are swollen and she’s crying. Mr. Armstrong comes to a halt besides me and I glance at him with raised eyebrows.

He clears his throat. “Detective, this is Charlotte MacArthur the wife of our corpse!” He explains and I narrow my eyes at her. “She was there. During the murder.” Mmmhhh …. his wife and she was there. Fascinating. I scrutinize her from top to

bottom. Charlotte fidgets at the sleeve of her dress. She looks good for someone who witnessed a murder. She didn’t get harmed. Her dress isn’t damaged and her hair is still in place. So, she wasn’t attacked. That is very peculiar. So the question

is, why wouldn’t the assailant attack her?

“Miss Mac.Arthur, my condolences to your loss! I am so sorry you had to witness your husband getting murdered. But unfortunately I have to ask you some questions!” I say and she blows her nose.

“Thank you detective! I understand. How may I help you?” She sobs again.

“First could you describe how everything happened?” I ask her and she nods slightly.

“Of course, detective! I walked with my husband through the cemetery to get to our mansion. You have to know detective. We were at a banquet of our dear friend Lord Hamilton. So at midnight we left his banquet to go home. So we walked through the cemetery as I heard noises behind us and I got panicked. Thomas, my husband, tried to calm me as suddenly someone pulled him away from me. It was so horrible. I couldn’t see the person. It was dark and he was hooded. He pulled out a cleaver from his coat and started to … to …. stab him. I screamed but suddenly the assailant knocked me out to stop my screaming. I got unconscious and when I woke up the

attacker was gone and I saw my husband lying there on the floor …. slayed!” She sobs and turns away from me. “It was so horrible and I just sat beside him as the policemen came and found us.”

Poor young lady. I guess it was terrible to witness something like this and I feel sorry for her. She really looks devastated. “I really appreciate your effort to go through his horror again.”

She nods again and turns away. Chief Fergusson leads me to the corpse and I analyze the crime scene. The man is really badly mangled. He has a lot of puncture wounds and his body is a real mess. Everywhere’s blood and it looks like he was

dead immediately.

“Do we have the murder weapon?” I ask the Chief but he only shakes his head.

“Unfortunately, we have nothing. The murderer hasn’t left any evidence. It seems like he just disappeared after his attack. No footprints. Nothing.” He exclaims.

I start to walk around the crime scene. There really aren’t any footprints. Well, only the footprints of Charlotte and her husband. How’s this possible? I linger at the crime scene for hours but I can’t find anything helpful. Rohan is beside me noting everything and as the sun starts to rise I know it’s pointless to linger here anymore. So I take my belongings and am on my way to my room.

Back in my room I start to search for connection between the murder today and the former murders. The victims were all executed in the same way so I assume it was the same murder. It is impossible for a murder to be without evidence. I am

missing something very significant but I do not know what! The next thing in the morning is that I see the press has already heard about the murder and it’s the cover story of today’s news edition. My maid brought me the newspaper earlier an I take it. I read through the story. The press already entitles the murders and that’s not sitting well in my stomach. I really have to stop this person before the citizens are too feared to go out of their house. The day passes and I still have nothing new in the case.

We are back at the cemetery again and a dark silhouette runs across the cemetery right to the crime scene from last night. The silhouette glances hastily around checking if no one is following. As the silhouette sees nothing suspicious it sneaks over to an abandoned tree walking around it. Bending down the silhouette lifts something shiny from a hole in the tree only a few feet away from the crime scene. The silhouette hears a rustling noise from the other side and pushes to its feet,

running away in the opposite direction. A little girl steps out of the shadows from her hideout where the noise came from. She has a shocked expression on her face and sprints across the cemetery toward the exit.

The morning hasn’t started very well, I did not get any sleep at all and now I am on my feet again with Rohan by my side. We are at the Hamilton’s mansion to question Lord Hamilton about his banquet last night and about Mr. MacArthur. Maybe he has

some information for us to help catch the murder.

“So, Lord Hamilton you know Mr. MacArthur for a while now. So do you know if he was in trouble with someone?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

”No, not that I know of!” He states and I ask him a few more questions but he is no help at all.

The whole morning Rohan and I were out to question all the guests from Lord Hamilton’s banquet but no one could help us. They are all as clueless as we are.

“That is impossible! Every murder leaves some traces. So why

doesn’t he have any hints for us?” I exclaim furious.

“I. .. I don’t know!” Rohan stutters blatantly shocked by my outburst. I apologize for my behavior and I dismiss Rohan.

I decide to go back to the doctor where the dead body is stored until his burial.

“Good Morning detective Lockhart!” Doctor Sinclair greets.

“Doctor!” I nod at him. “Could you please show me the body again? I think I have overlooked something.”

“Of course, detective! Follow me.” The doctor leads me to the corpse and at daylight the sight is even more disgusting.

Leaving me the doctor closes the door behind him. I take a closer look at the body but at first I find nothing new and just as I am about to leave something catches my eye. I haven’t noticed it before. Bending down I take a look at the evidence. Going through last night I put the pieces together.

Rewinding my memories I flash through the details and then it hits me. Just as I am about to leave the doctor comes inside.

“Detective. Outside there’s a young girl who wants to talk to you.” The doctor says and I go outside with him. A little girl awaits me in the entrance visibly nervous.

“Hello, how may I help you?” I ask her and she glances on the floor.

“I. .. I have to talk to you. It’s urgent.” She whispers and I knee down in front of her to be on eye level with her. “I know something about the murder last night!” She says and I open my mouth.

Standing up I lead her outside and walk with her home. On the way she tells me what she saw. And it seems like the riddle is solved.

An hour later I am back in my office, sitting at my desk and facing the murderer.

“So, would you tell me why you did this?” I ask but the murderer remains silent just staring at me. It’s really hard to get the murderer to talk.

I sigh heavily. “So we can do this the easy way or on the hard way! It doesn’t matter if you confess or not. We have enough evidence against you. I am just curious why you would do something like this!”

Finally the murderer starts to talk. “Because he deserved to die. He was a bastard!” The murderer hisses.

“Okay, and why was he a bastard?” I ask curious.

The murderer scoffs. “He was a selfish and betraying bastard. What would you do if you find out your husband betrays you with several different whores for years now!” Charlotte exclaims furious.

“Okay, I can understand your reason but you hadn’t the right to kill him for his actions. But know I want to know why all the other men had to die!” I continue.

She scoffs. “Because all men are bastards. I have known for a few years that my husband betrayed me but I hoped it would get better but it only got  worse and he betrayed me more often. So I started to have affairs too. I was looking for a new man but all those men I met just wanted to screw me. I wasn’t enough for them. So they deserved to die, too. One evening I caught my husband in bed with one of his whores in our house, in our bed. He told me he was sorry but I wasn’t listening. Since this evening I had enough and he had to die, too. For all the pain he put me through he deserved nothing less than death!” She seethes and I cut her off as I heard enough.

I order the officers to take her away. A policeman appears next to her and grabs her arm pulling her away from me.

“I can’t be doomed for what I have done! It was necessary or these bastards would have harmed more women than just me. You can’t arrest me for my action. It was for the best.” She screams hysterically but I shut her out.

Rohan and Chief Fergusson are beside me.

“You did a good job, as always, detective!” Chief Fergusson says and pats my shoulder.

I nod in appreciation as the Chief leaves my bureau. Rohan congratulates me as well on his way out of my bureau.

Leaning back in my chair relief washes over my body. I am glad I got the murderer. Now the citizens don’t have to worry anymore. Well, only until the next murder happens.

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