I was born on October 25th 1237 and am now 25 years old. I have the extraordinary ability to travel through time and space. You may think that’s impossible but I you tell it’s the truth. My name is Connor Abernathy and that’s the story about how I found out about my ability.

I am running away from a few angry citizens who are chasing me. They’re chasing me because I stole things from them. You might think I am a good person but I’m not always good. I can be quite bad just like this. But deep down I do have a good heart. I only steal from people who have enough. I don’t have much to live for. Being poor sucks so I thought about stealing because I don’t earn much either in my job. So, I am running through narrow alleys which are surrounded by buildings, hoping to get rid of the pack that’s following me in the winding streets. Luckily, I am very deft so I have no issues finding my way through the riddle of the streets.  My adrenaline level reaches its pike and my heart bumps fast in my chest. My surrounding fades in my vision like a blur and dust from the ground swirls around my body, clinging to my sweaty skin. I really have to be careful not to trip because there’s a lot of hay on the plaster and many stones are lying in my way. I can barely turn around in the alley to take a look behind me. In front of me is a wooden box and as I get a glimpse behind me they come closer and closer. I run towards a dead end, well not exactly, on the right side is a small slot between the buildings but I’m not sure if I fit in. So, surrounded by high walls, I take my chance and take a leap on to the wooden box. Glancing up the building in front of me I see a windowsill and some outstanding bricks which I can use to climb. Stretching out to get a grip of the sill I hoist myself up take on step after the other. Fortunately, I am very skilled in climbing because I’ve done this ever since I was a child. Easily I grasp one brick after the other moving cunningly and gracefully up the wall.  Gripping the edge of the roof my muscles tighten as I hoist myself up onto the roof. I take a quick breath and glance down on the alley. My chasers have a hard time to climb up, that’s very good for my sake. Taking in my surroundings I contemplate my next move. If I go straight I end up on the main streets. This would be good because there are lots of people and I could disappear in the crowd but it could also be dangerous because I don’t know how many of them are there, there could be more people who want to have my head. I do have many enemies. On my right there is a big gap to the next building, I am not going to make the jump so I only have one option left. Looking down my enemies are getting closer so I take a run to my left. The gaps between the buildings on the left are doable for me. I take the first jump onto the next building. Beneath me is a small alley and the sun is high glaring down on me, limiting my field of vision. My feet touch the ground of the next building but I slip slightly because of the dirt on top. My enemies are almost in my reach so I push myself to run faster. My muscles in my legs tighten and loosen on my run. Behind me my chaser are yelling at me but I ignore them. As I move forward my escape route starts to fade because there are no more buildings in my surroundings to jump on. The only option I have is to climb up on a big tower of a church. I take a few steps back to take a run-up and jump from the building and catch the ledge of the church. I barely make the jump and lose grip with on hand. Tangling at the ledge with on hand I glance down on the bottom. If I lose my grip I am going to fall right to death. A slight panic creeps into my soul and my heart beats heavily in my chest. Gathering all my strength I tighten my core and try to reach the ledge with my free hand. I get a grip of the ledge just as I am about to fall down and hoist myself up, grasping the next thing in my reach to pull myself up. Glancing upwards I take in the full height of the tower I am climbing on. It’s a long way up but I am making my way up. In the distance I can hear my chasers contemplating their movements and even complaining about my climbing skills. At this statement I have to smirk. Then, suddenly I hear rumbling from behind me and a dart shoots in the wall at the spot where I was about to put my hand. I take a look back and some of them are standing there with bows and arrows. Now, they’re shooting at me. Focussing back on task I climb faster up the wall but this time I have to sidestep to avoid being shot. I hear them talking on the rooftop and they shoot arrows into the wall with ropes so they can climb up on the ropes. My adrenaline level rises and I climb higher and higher getting faster every second and it’s getting hard for them to shoot me. After another few pull ups I am finally on the roof. The view from up here is amazing and I can feel the wind in my shoulder-length hair. I am very high and if I trip from the tower I am dead so I tiptoe across the small wall of the tower. But suddenly one of my chasers surprises me, tackling me. I lose my balance and fall down onto the tiles, my opponent on top of me. I struggle beneath him, punching the big guy on top of me a few times and as I have a chance to move I shove him down of me. Hastily I get on my feet and run as fast as I can. But unfortunately my opponent is back on his feet chasing me and he’s fast. I get to the edge of the roof and there’s no way to escape. On moment I think about jumping down the roof but that would be insane. But in the next moment I get tackled again and we both fall on the roof rolling towards the edge. My opponent takes hold of me and together we roll off the edge, facing towards our death. Wind rushes past us on our way down and I can see the shock on the face of my opponent. My heart beats fast almost as if it wants to jumps out of my chest and blood rushes into my head. Adrenaline pumps in my veins and my skin is on fire. The big guy who has a tight hold of me screams loudly into my ear and my vision starts to blur as I see the bottom getting closer and closer. I glance down to the bottom back everything around me starts to fade. The big guy loses his grip of me and I can hear a loud thump as he hit the floor. Just as I am about to hit the floor everything around me starts to fade and I black out.

Every bone in my body hurts badly and my head is throbbing severely. The impact on the pavement was hard and painfully but I still can’t believe I survived. I can’t move and my skin feels weird. Everything around me is black but I can see a light in the distance. Maybe I am dead after all. But the light gets brighter and I slowly open my eyes, getting a clear view. All of a sudden I inhale deeply and my lungs fill with air. I jolt upright and start coughing hard because of all the air inside my body. It feels like my life is sucked back into my body. Breathlessly I sit there befuddled how I could survive this. I touch every inch of my body to look how badly I am hurt. But oddly enough I am not hurt at all, okay that’s not completely true. I do have some bruises and my head still hurts but I’m not severely hurt. Nothings broken, nor am I bleeding. Only then I realize my surroundings. Startle, I shot upright. Taking the nature around me in, I am shocked. I landed not on the pavement in my hometown rather I am in a glade of a forest and next to me is a big silent lake. The grass of the glade graces my bare feet and I relish the feeling despite my confusion. ‘How in the world did I come here?’ Something very strange happened to me. It’s so peaceful around here and the fresh air comes in handy for my body. I have no clue where I am because nothing around here looks familiar to me. So, this can only mean I am not in Camelot, but then the other question is: ‘Where am I?’.

I decide to walk around to look if I can find any clue to where I am. Stepping through the grass I walk for a while until I finally get into civilization. Instantly, as I get closer to the civilization I get disturbed by unbearable noises. ‘What are these noises?’ As I step through the bushes and get a glimpse on the image in front of me I freeze in shock. I am surrounded by loud disturbing humming and I feel like I have a heart attack. My eyes wide at the view in front of me. There are so many high buildings in front of me. Higher than I am used to and the streets are crowded. All humans I see wear strange clothes and on the streets strange coaches are rushing past me. I have never seen anything like this before. There are so many coaches on the streets and oddly they don’t need horses to move. What strange world is this? In the distance I can see buildings which are scratching the sky. ‘How did they build these things?’ Everything around me is so fast-paced and I totally lose focus. The people around me move fast and some even bump into me complaining. Are they running away from something? That’s too much for me to take in and I start to run. My heart beats fast and my head is throbbing because of all the things I have to process at the moment. I have to get out of here so I run along the pavement in the opposite direction of the crowd. My vision blurs as I try to get out of here. I am looking for a hideout. So, as I run along the pavement, lots of buildings and strange things I have never seen before rush past me.

My ears can’t bear the noises anymore and it feels like they are bleeding. Luckily, I find a small house which looks old and similar to the houses I know and of course it looks silent so I go inside. The door is locked so I look for another way in. As I walk around the house I see an open window on the second floor. So, I try to search for a way to climb up and it’s easy to climb up because the house is made of wood. I reach the windowsill and pull myself inside the house. Again I am struck by the interior of the house. Everything looks so oddly and unfamiliar. Next to me is a strange looking bed and as I sit down the fabric gives in and I sink into the fabric. It looks strange but it’s very comfortable. The walls are colorful – painted in light shade of blue – and are plastered with strange paintings which look very real. In the back of the room I see another door and want to walk out just as I the wall on my left catches my eye and I startle.  I look into a strange construction and a person looks back at me. He looks very familiar and as I move he makes the same movements as I do. ‘What is this magic?’ Panicked I walk towards the construction and start to punch it. The thing in front of me shatters and the person is gone. I look at the shards in front of me and take one in my hand. Immediately blood runs down my fingers and I let the shard fall down on the floor again.  Just as I want to take a step outside the room I look at a person in front of me who is holding a wooden thing in her hands.

“Who the hell are you? And what do you want in my house?” A young beautiful woman asks slightly scared. Her features are soft though she’s scared and her big brown eyes stare at me. She’s breathing heavily and her hands around the wooden thing are shaking. Though she’s small I step back a bit because she looks like she knows how to defend herself.

“May I introduce myself, I am Connor Abernathy.” I introduce myself and make an effort to bow but she feels threatened and the wooden thing hits my head. I slump down on the floor. As I try to straighten myself she speaks again.

“Don’t move or I am going to harm you again!” She hisses through her gritted teeth. I hold my hands up in surrender.

“I am not going to hurt you and I am sorry for breaking into your house but I was searching for hideout because of the strange world outside there!” I try to explain my situation and take a glimpse at her face. Her fear vanishes and is replaced by confusion.

“What are you talking about? “ She asks.

“I am talking about the strange surroundings out there! I mean that’s not natural out there. I guess I am in hell. Somehow my fall brought me into this hell of a world.” I continue and her confusion rises.

“What kind of weirdo are you? Are you some medieval fan because you look like one?” She asks and let the wooden thing sink to her side.

“I don’t know what you mean but may I ask you where we are?” I ask her and she raises her eyebrow pointing around the room.

“Um, in my house…!” She says but I shake my head.

“No, I mean what is the name of the town we are in!” I ask again.

“We are in London! You are a very strange guy!” She mumbles to herself and I let the word wander through my mind.

“Mmmhh….London I have never heard of!” I rub my chin in confusion.

“How could you have never heard of London? London is the capital of the United Kingdom!” She hisses. “What trip are you on? Ecstasy? Heroine? Speed? LSD? Mushrooms? I am so tired of you people!”

“What are these things you listed?” I ask and she just shakes her head and as she doesn’t respond to me I ask instead. “What is the United Kingdom?”

Her mouth drops open and she stares baffled at me. “Are you kidding me?” She says and I shake my head. “Where the hell are you from? Did you live in a cave your whole life?”

“No, I have been living in Camelot!” I say proudly and she gapes at me.

“What are you talking about? Camelot doesn’t exist! It’s a myth from the 12th century.”

“No, Camelot does exist. It’s not a myth it’s my hometown.” I say but she just shakes her head. “So, are you telling me that Camelot doesn’t exist in this time?”

The woman shakes her head. “Mmmh, okay and which time do you live in?” I ask her.

“We live in the 21st century and to be exact we have the year 2018!” She answers even more confused.

I look around the room trying to process the info I got from her. How is this even possible? I am in a completely different timeline lost in a foreign world , hundreds of years in the future; no centuries away from my home. Am I ever going to see my home? I tumble backwards until I slump on the bed.

“No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be true!” I mumble to myself. “How is this possible? How did I get into this timeline?”

The woman just stares at me. “To be clear, are you really trying to tell me that you’re from the 12th century?” She asks and I nod. “That’s insane! That’s not possible! I can show you!”

She scurries out the room and a second later she enters the room again handing me a book which reads the legend of King Arthur. I flick through the pages and read the story of King Arthur. The story isn’t truthful at all but there are some facts that are true.

“Are you telling me these figures from this book existed?” She asks and I nod. “Did you know them?”

“No, all of this happened before I was born but I do know Arthur’s great grandchildren.”

She strokes her hand through her long dark hair. “That’s impossible! I can’t believe this!”

“But that’s what happened. That’s my timeline!” I say and hold the book she gave me.

“Okay, let’s say I believe you. How did you land here?” She asks me.

“I don’t know. The last thing I remember is that I fell down from the rooftop of a church but before I crashed to the floor I woke up in your world.”

“And you don’t know how you can get back to your time?” She asks and I shake my head. The woman looks thoughtful. “This must be very confusing for you. I mean this must be totally overwhelming with our technology and modern inventions!”

“Yes, it is! It’s overwhelming!” I say and look down sadly. I am trapped in a time which is not mine. Everything is new for me and I don’t know what to do. The woman glances at me with pitiful eyes as her gaze lands on my hands.

“You’re bleeding! Come on, let me help you!” She’s holding her hand out for me and leads me into another room. Inside the room she points me to sit down on something which looks like a bathtub. The woman turns around to a smaller bathtub which is attached to the wall and pulls on a handle. Water is running out of the handle and I stare at it fascinated while she holds a piece of cloth underneath it.

“You don’t have to go to a lake or a fountain to get water?” I ask and she laughs.

“No! We have some quite cool stuff in this age!” She says as she cleans my wounds. “I’m Angelina, by the way, but everyone calls me Lina!”

I smile at her and take her hand in mine leading it to my mouth. I give her a slight kiss on the back of her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Angelina!”

She blushes at my gesture and pulls it back immediately. “Excuse me!”

Instantly she feels bad for her behaviour. “No, it okay! I always forget that you’re from another time. I’m just not used to this. That’s not the way we greet one another.”

I nod at her statement and smile at her. We chat a bit while she cleans my wounds and she tells me a lot about her time. I’m bound by her story and it sounds very intriguing to stay. But in return I tell her a lot about my time and she listens intrigued.

“You could really help me with my bachelor thesis! I am writing about your age!” She jokes but I don’t get her joke. I stare confused at her. “Forget it! So what are you going to do now?”  She asks as she finishes cleaning up my wounds.

“I don’t know! I guess I am going to search for a way to go back home!” I answer.

“I know this might sound weird because I don’t know you but I am going to help you!” She says and smiles at me.

I smile back at her and she points me to follow her.

“Where are we going?” I ask her and she responds:

“We are going to search a way to get you back home!” She says over her shoulder and I stand up from the bathtub and follow her.

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